Our Belief

We firmly believe that every small business owner deserves the precise, OnPoint support their venture requires.

At the end of the day, we’re all human. Every member of the OnPoint Accounting team is bound by the same ethos of providing exceptional support to small businesses.

Company Overview....

Every business has a narrative, and every narrative has an origin.

We invited Johann, our Group Managing Director, to share the genesis of OnPoint Accounting as we know it today.

What tailored support
Truly Means to Us

Our most successful partnerships are with people who share our values:

To learn more about who our ideal client is, please refer to this blog post.

Our Teams Vision

Our vision at the OnPoint Accounting Group is to build and grow an industry-leading team.

A team that utilises the latest technology, processes, trends and thought leadership to support one another to grow and deliver the accounting industries highest standard of service and expertise to those whom we are ultimately accountable to… Our clients.

Leadership Team Vision

As a Leadership team, we strive to nurture and develop our people’s skills, passions and interests so we can realise and maximise each person’s aspirations and ambitions. As leaders, our focus is our people, in supporting and focusing on our people we know this will allow our people to deliver our core values and support our clients to the highest standards.

Core Values:


We are all accountable to the same person – our client!

No matter who your line manager is or what your role is, we are all ultimately accountable to our clients. Not each other, not our line manager, not the Group Managing Director, not the shareholders, just our clients.


“Not My Job” Attitude

Because we are ALL ultimately accountable to our clients we do not accept the attitude of “Thats Not My Job”, every job can be down by everyone, regardless of title and position. The only time we don’t expect you to take on a task is if you are not trained or qualified to do them.


We need to embrace change to stay ahead of our competitors

Change when planned out and managed properly is positive, change leads to efficiencies, new services and new value adds to our clients. We will always be willing to embrace change and thrive on the change.


There is no “Blame Culture” in the OnPoint Accounting Group

If you or another team member finds a problem, it doesn’t matter what caused the problem or who’s fault it was, it matters how we resolve the problem.


We value talent and ability over certificates

We don’t all learn the same way and we can’t all demonstrate our skills in essays and exams. At The OnPoint Accounting Group we will invest in you, develop you and progress you through the business regardless of your qualifications and education.

Work Style

You work however works best for you

Because we are ultimately accountable to our clients its up to you how you work and when you work.

If you like working from an office then work from our offices, if you like working from home, work from home!

If you like working evenings instead of mornings then work evenings. If you need to split your hours around personal commitments such school runs, doctor appointments, shopping for your grandparents, sports day, what ever the reason then split your shifts.

Meet our Client Managers

“We are a friendly and supportive team that work hard to support our clients and deliver the best service” Johann Goree


Jade Mountford

Client Manager

Jade joined the OnPoint Accounting team as a bookkeeper in 2019.

Jade is now our operations manager helping Johann to lead and manage the team at OnPoint Accounting whilst also looking after a group of clients as their client manager. 

When might you speak to Jade?

  • Client catch ups
  • Bookkeeping Support
  • Bookkeeping reviews
  • Self-Assessment Tax Returns
  • Quickbooks Training

Languages spoken

  • English
Vicky 1

Vicky Willard

Client Manager

Vicky joined the OnPoint Accounting team in February 2020

Vicky is a qualified Accountant who is our Head of Accounts and looks after a portfolio of our clients.

When might you speak to Vicky?

  • Client catch ups
  • Bookkeeping Support
  • Bookkeeping Reviews
  • Self-Assessment Tax Returns
  • Quickbooks Training

Languages spoken

  • English
scott 683x1024 2

Scott Fletcher

Client Manager

Scott joined OnPoint Accounting in October 2019 with years of experience in various roles including running his own business he is ideally suited to support our growing client base.

Scott also spends time working on Research & Development Tax Relief and Due Diligence.

When might you speak to Scott?

  • Client catch ups
  • Cashflow Planning
  • R&D Tax Credits
  • Self Assessment Tax Returns
  • Due Diligence 
  • Quickbooks Training

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Accounting Jargon  
Johann Goree OPA Accounts Bookkeeping

Johann Goree

Client Manager

Johann founded what is now OnPoint Accounting in 2017

With the goal of supporting start up and small businesses. Starting by himself and no clients in May 2017 he grew the business to a team of 14 supporting over 700 clients by the end of 2022.

Johann is the Group Managing Director for the OnPoint Accounting Group in which he leads a family of brands including OnPoint Accounting to deliver OnPoint Support and services to start-up and small businesses.

When might you speak to Johann?

  • Client catch ups
  • Cashflow Planning
  • Self Assessment Tax Returns
  • Funding Applications
  • Business Acquiaitions
  • Due Diligence 
  • Quickbooks Training

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Business Acquisition Jargon 

How can we help you?

OnPoint support.. Whatever it looks like for you

Every stage of the business journey is exciting, but you may not want to go all the way.

Business-Level-Support-OnPoint Accounting Accounting|Bookkeeping|Payroll & Taxes|business advice consultancy|start up|micro and small businesses|quickbooks|quickbooks online uk|new business ideas
We’re all about where you are

And giving you the level of support you need for the kind business you want.

Some of our clients just want expertise they can rely on whenever they get stuck, need advice or reassurance.

Others need full support to take the finance function completely out of their hands. 

How We Price...

We keep it to the Point, No hidden fees, no surprise bills
OnPoint quotes where you pay what the quote states

What we believe about pricing:

  • You deserve a fair, open, transparent proposal process.
  • Your Accounting and bookkeeping must be determined by the frequency of the work, the number of transactions
  • You should pay for software at the price we pay for it - We believe it is the job of software providers to make a profit on their software not ours!
  • You should have a fixed monthly fee that covers all the services you request for the year ahead
What we believe about pricing: Accounting|Bookkeeping|Payroll & Taxes|business advice consultancy|start up|micro and small businesses|quickbooks|quickbooks online uk|new business ideas
Our services

To learn more about specific aspects of our services and to see pricing examples use the links below…

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