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Who is Our Ideal Client?

What is an “Ideal Client”?

Something you will hear in the accounting industry is the term “Ideal Client” it’s very much the buzz word and current trend. It is pushed by business coaches to help businesses focus on who they really enjoy and want to work with.

Some accounting firms really drill down on their ideal client model to the point they know what industry, business size, turn over and in some cases even if the business owner is male or female. For example, some firms only work with female business owners in the health and beauty industry with a turnover between £100k and £500k.

Who are OnPoint Accounting’s Ideal Clients?

At OnPoint Accounting we aren’t as specific as the example above instead we have looked at a few factors that are important to us.

Business Stage 

The first factor is the stage you are at in your business journey as highlighted in our blog “six stages to your business journey” We believe there’s six key stages to a businesses journey.

The stages we work best with are stages 1-4 of the business journey. In turnover terms that ranges from pre revenue to £1M.

OnPoint Accounting are specialists in micro and small businesses with advisers who deal with companies who want to stay smaller but maximise profit as well as those businesses who want to fly through the stages and become monsters. Each need different strategies that a regular accountant just doesn’t normally understand or explain because they see little value in small businesses, thy are normally on interested in the big businesses with higher charges.

If you reach the £1m mark we will have a meeting with you and together we will decide if you are best suited continuing working with our selves or if you would be better served by another firm in the OnPoint Accounting Group which we are a part off. Because you would be moving to a member of our group with more specialist skills for larger businesses we can ensure seamlessly transferring you and having a longer handover where both our team and the team member work to together to support you, a benefit that many firms can not provide you.

We don’t focus on one industry; we enjoy working with a broad range of industries and this is for a few key reasons.

  1. We firmly believe that there are lessons to be learnt and shared from one industry to another giving every client the benefit of our experience and knowledge
  2. If we only focused on one industry and that industry collapsed due to an economic crisis or something like Covid 19 then we would struggle to support our clients while trying to survive ourselves. By having our eggs in many baskets we are confident we are stronger and able to support our clients through crisis’s

Personality Traits

Another key factor we look for in our clients are personality types and behaviours.

We work best with people who are on our wavelength, they are:

  • A considerate person and business
  • Someone who operates with compassion
  • Someone that is personal life oriented, using their business to deliver a better life for them and their family
  • Looking for true partnership with their accounting service provider
  • Mindful of their time and ours
  • Appreciative of the value we add to their business as we are appreciative of the experience and knowledge, we gain from working with you
  • Someone who is communicative, we want to help you the best we can but can only do this when we know what you’re planning and  if you take our advice and guidance into consideration

If you think we are ideally suited and would work well together then please get in touch using our contact form.


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