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The Benefits of Becoming an Accredited Living Wage Employer

OnPoint Accounting are proud to announce our formal accreditation as a Living Wage Employer. We have always delivered wages in line or above national living wage so felt it was time to officially become a Living Wage Employer. We believe this demonstrates how OnPoint Accounting purpose and values influence our day-to-day decisions and make a positive contribution to the local community and economy. 

What is a Living Wage Employer? 

  • A living wage employer makes sure that all staff members who are aged 18 and over, including contracted staff, are paid at least the national living wage. At the moment, the UK rate for national wage is £9.50 per hour, while in London it is £10.85 per hour. 
  • The living wage employer agrees to increase the amount which it pays to staff members by the same amount as any increase in the living wage within six months of the date of the official announcement.
  • Living wage employer accreditation is managed by citizens UK and provides employers with a licence to the living wage employer mark. 
  • Employers are eligible to apply for living wage employer accreditation if they are already paying the living wage or committed to an agreed timetable of implementation.

What are the benefits of becoming a Living Wage Employer?

  • Increased productivity and levels of service
  • Reduced recruitment costs and the ability to attract more experienced new staff
  • Improved employee wellbeing and work-life balance
  • Increased staff motivation and morale
  • Improved representation of core business values
  • Enhanced public business reputation
  • Improved employee retention

The Living Wage Employer accreditation is important to OnPoint Accounting because it represents our values and goals. By paying the Living Wage as a minimum rate, we aim to improve the lives of our employees and increase their motivation and job satisfaction. OnPoint Accounting are delighted to become a Living Wage Employer because we believe that a happier workforce will not only improve employee productivity but also deliver better customer service.


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