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Did you know that the UK has the longest tax code in the world, boasting over 17,000 pages?

The UK’s tax system is incredibly complex. So much so, that many individuals, small and macro businesses rely on income tax help from tax accountants and tax advisors to navigate HMRC rules and ensure that they’re business tax return is as efficient as possible.

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The Benefits of Using a Tax Accountant for Small Businesses

Bringing a specialist tax accountant or advisor onto the team can have many advantages. We can help you:

Personal & Company Tax Return Software

We believe it’s important to keep you in the loop on your personal and business tax returns. That’s why we use tax diagnostic software to manage all of our accounts.

This tax software offers cutting-edge technology that helps proactive accountants to manage accounts and analyse your tax needs.

A tax review with diagnostic software guides you through a structured yes/no questionnaire that covers a wide range of areas. Once complete, this assessment will give your tax advisor a good idea of your vulnerabilities, opportunities and challenges.

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Small Business Tax Software

Here at OnPoint Accounting, we’ve invested in technology to help streamline the process and make tax considerations simple enough for every small business owner to understand.

The software we use asks lots of questions about your financial affairs, so we’ll go through these questions together and provide a report with personalised suggestions.

How We Help Businesses Prepare their Taxes

As part of our small business tax service, we’ll work closely with you to understand your personal, business and financial needs. After we’ve built an understanding of your business, we can then identify saving opportunities and available tax reliefs.

So, you can rest assured that your tax needs are completely supported and you owe HMRC the lowest amount possible.

Tax Assessment in Four Easy Steps

We’ll invite you to complete the tax diagnostic review, which will take into account your financial and personal information. Our small business tax software will analyse your data and create a personalised questionnaire.

By completing the easy-to-follow and user-friendly questionnaire, we’ll gain a better understanding of your motives and ambitions.

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you’ll receive a detailed report of every tax advisory opportunity relevant to your situation. These results will give us complete visibility of your financial circumstances.

We’ll then create a tax strategy to help you reduce your business tax return and make savvy business decisions. Our approach will allow us to achieve instant process with quick wins as well as long-term goals.

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