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Step-By-Step Instructions for Setting Up a New Employee on Payroll

It is always an exciting time for a business to welcome a new addition to the team. However, it is important to know all the steps required to set them up on payroll the right way. In this blog post, Johann looks at the basic information you need to get from a new employee to set them up on payroll and the payroll software systems available. 

Step 1: Download Starter checklist from HMRC website. 

Step 2: Collect information from the new employee.

The form will ask you to gather the following Information:

  • Employee name
  • Full address
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Employee tax code
  • National Insurance number
  • P45 form obtained from previous place of work

This information will ensure you are taxing the new employee the right way from the start. 

Step 3: Enter employee information into the system you use to process your payslips.

At OnPoint Accounting, we use a software (very similar to QuickBooks Payroll) called KeyPay. It has a great feature called self-enrolment. All we need is an email and a name from the new staff member. We can then send them a link to the system where they are able to enter all information themselves. That way we are not only saving ourselves some precious time but also ensuring all the employee details are correct. The staff member is able to access the system on their phone or laptop and the form itself is very easy to fill out.

I hope you found this information helpful but if you need any further assistance or are interested in our payroll software to save you time, please do get in touch.

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