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3 reasons staff training should be your biggest investment

3 reasons staff training should be your biggest investment

A customer enters your store, do they meet an employee that’s happy in their work or one that’s not? It’s obvious what you’d like to answer, but is it true of your business? Happy employees are more productive, resourceful and likely to go the extra mile. And staff retention will save you training time, cash and maintain morale in your company.


Offering staff training and workshops is an excellent way to motivate your team. Waste less time and fewer resources, by keeping everyone’s standards upon a range of areas. Sure, your writer needn’t be a designing whizz but, wouldn’t it be great if they could write and design your content?

Wouldn’t it be crazy to find out your Head of Sales is a natural born photographer? Creating an environment that’s open to people investing in their skills sets, can also open the door for surprising talents to come through.

However, be careful to ensure that nobody’s overworked. Placing too much weight on an employee is the fastest but quietest route to failure. Try and gauge what they can and should complete within their working hours and enforce that. If they must have a heavier week prior to an event, give them an afternoon off the following week. If they’re doing surplus work, voluntarily or not, burnout is inevitable.


Happy staff are less likely to leave. Recruitment can be a huge hidden cost in running a business. Ensuring you have good onboarding and HR programmes will save you time, resources and money on recruitment costs.

What can you do for your staff? We’ve got a few ideas:

  • ●  Free: Flexible working hours
  • ●  Free: Working from home allowances
  • ●  Free: Generous annual leave
  • ●  At cost: Charity events/donations
  • ●  At cost: Cinema/games/gym/relaxation space
  • ●  At cost: Personal development/charity work leave
  • ●  At cost: LMS (learning management system)
  • ●  At cost: Healthcare
  • ●  At cost: Events/meals

Cut your recruitment costs even further by hiring promotable employees. Recruitment costs and onboarding time increases as you head up the ladder. So, how do you cut the costs? You help someone climb the ladder with you.

Of course, we’re not saying you should go around giving employees work way above their pay grade but, training them up to move up the ladder benefits you both. Not only do you end up with someone who knows and empathises with the ins and outs of the job roles below them, but their loyalty has also earnt them in-depth experience and knowledge of your company, colleagues, industry, partners and competitors. Not to mention their happiness and revitalised enthusiasm about their promotion.

Keep up your image

Additionally, having a positive company culture is a great selling point for acquiring new talent! Put together a video or blog post to tell people why your company is the best place to work. Equally, your word of mouth reputation will carry. Those who interact with your staff, customers or other professionals will share their knowledge of your culture, in addition to your staff becoming advocates.

Make sure you budget for staff training each year, we can help you build a budget


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