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Small business news update – 24/06/2020

Small business news update – 24/06/2020

Hello and welcome to this latest news update from OnPoint Accounting for small businesses across the UK.

This news update is primarily targeted at Scottish businesses today after a release of new opening dates from the Scottish government.

Today’s announcement came on the 24th of June at lunchtime during the Scottish first minister’s first questions, so we just wanted to take you through these dates and what it means for you and your businesses within Scotland.

So the first major thing that’s going to impact a lot of businesses is Scotland’s intention to follow the UK’s rules regarding contact details and storing them. The Scottish first minister has announced that she would like all businesses to prepare to keep contact details for all customers for up to four weeks at a time within GDPR compliant softwares. So we’re going to need to start looking at how we’re going to store that data, how are we going to keep it secure, and how we’re going to capture the data in the first place. We’ll get more advisory guidelines from the government on that in the next few days, so as soon as we hear more and quite what details they’re looking to be stored, we can then come back to you with some advice on what softwares you could use to help utilize and store that information.

It’s really important though that you don’t use that information for any reason other than to pass on to the Scottish government. You can’t use it for marketing unless you’ve got that person’s permission to use it for marketing. So just be really careful how you capture the information, how you store it, and how you utilize it going forward. So in today’s announcement from the first minister, we’ve had it confirmed that on Monday, the 29th of June, nonessential shops can reopen as had originally had been planned. However, that does not include non-essential shops in shopping centres.

Other updates we’ve had today, which are brand new off the press, as it were, we are now going to be able to travel further than five miles for leisure activities. At the moment, up until the 3rd of July, you can only travel five miles, but as of the 3rd of July onwards, you can travel further.

Also on the 3rd of July, all self-catering accommodation can reopen. Further guidelines onto how you’re going to operate will be released in the next few days, but we can expect that you’ll be able to reopen as a 3rd of July and start trading and welcoming guests back again.

As of the 6th of July, beer gardens that were hoped to have been opened by now will be allowed to reopen. So outdoor hospitality will be able to resume on the 6th of July, which is really positive news. Hopefully this lovely weather we’re experiencing today will be with us by then as well.

Then on the 13th of July, shopping centres and nonessential shops within them can reopen. So by the 13th of July, all of our retail will be reopened in Scotland and trading again. At the moment, on the 15th of July, tourism in Scotland can restart. That includes pubs, restaurants, cafes. It includes museums, cinemas, and other locations such as that. However, live entertainment is not permitted to restart on that date. That will come at a later point. So things like theatres, nightclubs, and music venues will not be able to reopen at this time.

And I’m sure for most people, the most positive news is that hairdressers can be opened on the 15th of July. So hairdressers and barbers working on 15th of July, but other personal services, such as nails, spas, et cetera, will not be reopening on 15th of July. That will come at a later date once further advice has been seeked by the government.

So that’s all the key dates for you that have just been released today.

Everything you need to consider is around risk assessments, following the government guidelines as they’re released as to how you’re going to operate. In Scotland, there’s still no change in the two meter rule, so plan and assume you’d have to utilize that rule.

As soon as we get any news on the one meter rule being followed through from England to Scotland, we will, of course, let you know. We are fully aware, having spoken to lots of our clients, that the difference between a successful business with two meters and one meter social distancing is huge. So it’s really important that if that one meter rule is allowed, that we understand how it’s allowed and get it in place in our businesses as soon as possible.

Continue to make your risk assessments to plan and to implement your changes. Train your staff. Start training your customers as to what to expect through social media. The bonus of that is customers know what to expect when they come to you, and it also starts building a little bit of hype that you’re reopening and people get excited to come and visit you for the first time in a while. So lots of different benefits to that social media education of your new rules. And of course, the biggest challenge for all of this is going to be your cashflow. Make sure by opening you can afford to open. How much trade do you need to have to be able to open and justify staying open? Plan how many resources in the form of staff, et cetera, you’re going to need. How much is that going to cost you? If you need any help with that, then please do get in touch with OnPoint Accounting. We’re here. We’ve got lots of cash flow tools we can utilize. We can give lots of free advice and support as well and direct you in different directions for your business and your industry. So please feel free to get in touch.

Thank you for watching this video. I hope it’s helped. If it has, don’t forget to subscribe, give us a like below, and we will keep posting these updates as and when the news comes. We try and do it weekly on a Friday, but it’s important that we respond to when the news comes out. So today we got an update from Scotland, so we took that opportunity to get this video done.

Thank you very much. Stay safe, and good luck with your businesses.

For further detail on the Scottish roadmap visit [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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