When it comes to employee retention

it’s important to make sure employees get paid on time, every time.

A late payment impacts employee trust, morale and even productivity.

As a payroll provider for small businesses
We understand the importance of retaining your best and brightest.

That’s why we’ve created our dedicated payroll services for small businesses. With us on board, payroll is easy, efficient and effortless.

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How OnPoint Accounting’s Payroll Service Works

We take the hassle out of managing payroll. Our experienced Payroll Manager will process your payroll, create payslips and submit appropriate information to HMRC & your employees through secure portals. So, everyone stays on the same page, and your payroll remains government compliant and tax-efficient.

As part of our payroll services for small businesses, we’ll also help you navigate GDPR rules by helping you protect employees’ sensitive information.

Our managed payroll services prices depend on frequency and number of staff so get in touch via our chatbot to find out more and get a quote.

Our Managed Payroll Service Packages

While all of our payroll packages are fully customisable, most packages include the following:
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