OnPoint Accounting Group Announces Acquisition of OnPoint Accounting Ltd

The OnPoint Accounting Group is pleased to announce its first Acquisition of OnPoint Accounting Ltd

OnPoint Accounting Ltd is a well established and fast growing accounting firm that prides itself on utilising the latest softwares, processes and efficiencies to support its clients across the UK.

OnPoint Accounting Ltd specialises in supporting Start up businesses and businesses with a turn over between £0 and £1,500,000.

With the acquisition of OnPoint Accounting Ltd we are also pleased to announce the appointment of our new Managing Director, Johann Goree. Johann joins us in this new role after founding and leading OnPoint Accounting Ltd for the last three years.

OnPoint Accounting Ltd has established offices in Dunkeld, Edinburgh and Reading with the Edinburgh being announced today as the new Head Office For OnPoint Account Group.

We look forward to establishing a new office in Sterling in the coming months to continue to grow the OnPoint Accounting Ltd Brand.

As is standard in all OnPoint Accounting Group acquisitions the value of the acquisition and detail of the negotiations remain undisclosed and confidential


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