OnPoint Accounting Group Announce Acquisition of Brighter Futures Accountancy

The OnPoint Accounting Group are pleased to announce its latest Acquisition of Brighter Futures Accountancy

Vicky the practice founder has been appointed as a bookkeeper within the practice and will continue to support the Brighter Futures Accountancy clients whilst working with the teams across the OnPoint Accounting Group to deliver new services and deliver increased value to its client base.

Brighter Futures Accountancy specialise in supporting business with a turn over between £85,000 and £1,000,000.

Johann Goree, OnPoint Accounting Groups Managing Director said, “Im excited to see the Brighter Futures Accountancy practice join our group. The practice has faced significant challenges over the last twelve months and Im excited to help the practice over come these challenges and to start growing with our support”

Brighter Futures Accountancy is based in in Hamel Hempstead and allows us to launch our ‘Client First’ services in this new geographic area with another acquisition in the area due to be announced within days of this press release.




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