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New Year, New Owner


Firstly let me say Happy New Year, I hope you managed to have a good Christmas and got some time off to relax after a hectic 2020. 

Im writing to you today to pass on some news about OnPoint Accounting and our future. 

Over the Christmas break I agreed a deal to sell OnPoint Accounting Limited to OnPoint Consortium Limited to form the foundations of their new Accounting Division called OnPoint Accounting Group. 

The sale agreement ensures that OnPoint Accounting will continue as it is with the team, brand and services you know and trust. 

The main changes you will see is my stepping into a new role as the Division Head for OnPoint Accounting Group, Scott being promoted to Practice Manager and two new Accountants joining the growing team.

I’m sure this will raise a lot of questions so I wanted to answer as many as I can in this email but if you have any other questions please feel free to email me at and I will answer them as best I can.

Before I go into some FAQ’s I would like to thank you for all all your support, the last three years of forming and building OnPoint Accounting, its team and its client base has been an incredible journey and im excited for what the future holds for us all. 


  • Will my fees or service change? 
    • NO! All Client agreements will remain in place as they are  and the fee freeze that I promised in our Christmas email will be honoured.
  • Will the culture and values of OnPoint Accounting change? 
    • NO! OnPoint Accounting was purchased because of the way we look after and support start up and small businesses so this will stay the same.
  • What will happen to the current team? 
    • Scott, Helen, Jade and their teams will remain looking after you and delivering our services and will be supported by two new accountants joining the team in early 2021
    • Scott will take over the day to day management of OnPoint Accounting whilst also heading up the Accounts Department as he has for the last year. The hand over between myself and Scott will be phased over the coming months
    • I will still be about and involved in OnPoint Accounting but also heading up the OnPoint Accounting Group growing it and installing OnPoint Accounting’s culture and values into other members of the group. 
  • Will OnPoint Accounting change its name or focus? 
    • NO! As I mentioned above OnPoint Accounting will remain its own entity and with my oversight its focus will always be to deliver the best value and support possible to its clients.
  • What are the benefits of the buy out for clients?
    • The buy out ensures financial security, stability and growth for OnPoint Accounting which in turn allows us to continue delivering our services and increasing the value we deliver to our clients.
    • We will have access to more services and great value offerings for both businesses and individuals from other parts of the OnPoint Consortium Group these will include, business and personal loans, mortgages, life, medical, income insurance, wills and trusts and wealth management. 
    • The OnPoint Accounting team will be able to grow and develop quicker to improve our levels of support to you the client

I hope this answers some of your questions and as mentioned above if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at

Yours Sincerely, 

Johann Goree 

Managing Director 

OnPoint Accounting Group


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