Keeping up moral

Good morning, Johann. Until the new lockdowns, me and my staff were in good spirits and looking forward to getting back to business as usual. I have a strong six-month plan to stay afloat, but can’t seem to keep my stuff motivated. Have you had any clients who have similar challenges?

everyone’s struggling to motivate their stuff team, and that’s because they’re very nervous. They’re very nervous about their jobs, about putting food on their family’s tables, and I can completely relate to where that concern comes from. So what I would recommend, Victor, is that you’re very open with your stuff team about your six-month plan, to sit them all down, talk them through it. Explain to them what you’re doing to protect their jobs and how you’re going to stay afloat and how as a team you can make it through. That communication of that that plan could be a huge morale booster because at the moment they may be sat there… I might be wrong. You might have told them about the plan.

But if they’re sat there, they don’t know what your plan is and they’re seeing everyone around you struggling with business, they might be concerned they’re next. So talk to them about the plan, keep them up to date, set them little goals, “This week we need to do this to meet the plan,” and feedback to them on those goals. So it’s constant communication, goal setting for them, because that gives them something to work towards because at the moment they’re just in… They could just be in the balance waiting to hear. So get them on board with the plan, get them working towards the plan with you, and that will really help them. Hope that helps.


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