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Is ReceiptBank free?

Is ReceiptBank free?

Is receipt bank free? No, ReceiptBank has a monthly subscription which when purchased directly from ReceiptBank will cost between £10 and £50 per month depending on either an annual or monthly subscription and the number of documents you need it to process each month.

The other option is to approach an accounting firm that uses ReceiptBank such as OnPoint Accounting. Accounting firms are given unlimited licenses at a fixed price and therefore may offer a low price than going directly to ReceiptBank.

OnPoint Accounting offers the following pricing for anyone looking to get the software from us.

Up to 50 Documents a month £5.00 (50% RRP discount)

Up to 300 Documents a month £12.50 (50% RRP discount)

Up to 3000 Documents a month £25.00 (50% RRP discount)

If you have other services with OnPoint Accounting we will provide ReceiptBank free of charge.

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