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Our support promise

This blog is to introduce our new support promise. We would like to take this opportunity to help you understand how it works and how we can further help you through your business journey whenever you need us. At OnPoint Accounting we strive to be there for our clients whenever we can, our support promise makes this possible. The following 4 sections detail exactly how we do this…

1. Unlimited calls, meetings, and emails

  • We won’t charge you for getting in touch because you have a question or need advice.
  • We all have questions from time to time and we don’t believe you should fear asking questions and getting billed for the answer so we will answer all your questions and provide advice free of charge.
  • We also promise all enquires will be responded to with either an answer or a date and time that we aim to have the information you require within 24 hours of receiving them.
  • Most of the time it will be within an hour or two but during busy periods we will ensure it is no longer than 24 hours.


2. OnPoint Accounting support line

  • We have noticed a trend from software providers in the form of phone line support being removed. For many companies and businesses with the advancement in technology, it makes sense to use chat windows etc.
  • Here at OnPoint Accounting, we understand that this is not for everyone. We offer our free software support line to all our customers to ensure they are confident in using all the software that we recommend.


3. Out of hours support

  •  We know your business isn’t always a 9-5, Monday to Friday affair, we also know you may need our help outside of these times and days and it’s because of this we provide our clients with the opportunity to get in touch at any time, not just 9-5, Monday to Friday.


4. Secure client portal

  • We provide all our clients with a fully secure and GDPR compliant portal to receive and submit all documents to us.
  • The portal provides an E-Sign feature allowing us to request you to digitally sign off documents such as tax returns and accounts.
  • The portal also has the capacity to act as a basic CRM option for you and your business all free of charge.
  • As a client of ours, you can reach out to us via phone or email, day or night seven days a week without extra charges and increased charges for contact and support in evenings and weekends.

This support is something that we have offered our clients from day one and will continue to offer into the future. Client support has and always will be at the heart of everything we do!

If this service commitment sounds like something you would like from your accountant or bookkeeper then please feel free to contact us


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