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I’m planning on doing my finance all by myself, Is it worth it to get an accountant?

I’m planning on doing my finance all by myself, as my company is more of a side business at the moment. It’s just a bit harder than I thought. Is it worth it to get an accountant, or would you recommend that you’d do it after you earn a set amount?

Personally, I think you should go and seek advice from day one. At OnPoint Accounting, we’ve got this philosophy and mantra of the six stages of business. Stage one is when you’re planning and organising your business, and a good accountant with a good approach to business would offer you some advice and support free of charge at that point, just to get you up and running.

Yes, stage one is definitely one of the most important stages of the business journey. The business journey, in our mind, goes from stage one, that planning and organising, stage two is the zero to £85,000 mark. Stage three is £85,000, which is a VAT threshold, to half a million, and then there’s stage four, stage five, stage six, which goes all the way up to £5 million plus a year. I think you should go for a… Go and find an accountant that can help and advise you. Give us a call. We’re more than happy to have a chat.

Location’s not a problem. We can use Zoom and phone calls, and we can give you as much advice as you need to get your business considerations up and running. But yeah, I strongly recommend anyone looking at starting a business finds an expert they can speak to, because most accountants that are business savvy and supportive will provide you some advice and resources free of charge at the start of your journey. I hope that helps.


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