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I’m a new business owner and own a business in hairdressing what permits, licenses, registrations do I need for my business from the beginning?

I’m not an expert in what you will and won’t need as a hairdressing business.

Things that are coming to mind straight away are you need to make sure, if you’ve got a shop, a hairdressing salon, as it were, that your property is allowed to be a salon, and it meets those requirements within the planning rules. You need to make sure you’ve got the right insurances. If you’ve got a shop, you’ll need a property insurance. If you’ve got staff, you need employers insurance.

You should always have public liability insurance, in case anything goes terribly wrong and someone tries to sue you. You’ll need to then go and ask an expert in the field. There’s loads of Facebook groups, which will have lots of hair salon people in. Have a chat with them. Use their experience and knowledge of your area and get the answers that way, would be my advice, but you definitely need public liability insurance. Then it’s down to best practice within your industry, and there’ll be governing bodies of your industry that will suggest different ways you can work to meet the best standards expected from the hair salon. Hope that helps, Faith. I’m not sure it does, but I hope it does a bit.


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