How We Price Our Services

How Much Will Your Investment Be?

Our services and products are priced using fair, open and transparent methods to ensure you have confidence that your investment is the best value for money.

We review your service and product requirements regularly to ensure you are getting the services that deliver value to you in return for your investment.

We review Payroll monthly, bookkeeping quarterly and accounts annually. This ensures if your business grows or slows your value and level of support keeps in step with you.

To see example pricing for our services please visit the service specific pages further down on this page.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Pricing Method 

Our accounting and bookkeeping service prices are determined by the frequency of the work, the number of transactions and the annual turn over of your business.

By pricing on average monthly transactions we aren’t lumping you in a bracket like many accounting and bookkeeping firms would eg. you have an average 55 monthly transactions, this fits in the bracket 50-100 transactions a month and costs £x.xx regardless of how far either side of the bracket you are and leaving you paying for more than you need.

This ensures a fair price and good value for everyone not just those on the higher end of the bracket.

Software Pricing Methods

We believe it is the job of software providers to make a profit on their software not ours!

The softwares we recommend save you and us time, they make our service delivery more efficient and they give you more reliable and up to date information to help you make the right choices for your business.

Because of this we provide software at the price we pay for it.

We work hard to keep software prices as low as possible, by partnering and developing strong and positive relationships with our software providers, we can ensure you get the best price available on the market.

Payroll Pricing Methods

We utilise our own branded Payroll product which ensures we get the best price possible and allows us to provide our payroll software on its own or with our services attached.

As with accounting and bookkeeping you won’t be lumped into a bracket where only those at the top of the bracket get good value. eg. you have 6 employees so fit in the 5-10 employees costing £x.xx. You will only pay for the number of employees you need payslips for.

We also don’t charge for new starts, leavers, p45s, p60’s, pension auto enrolment, pension submissions and other hidden extras that our competitors often charge for. Why should we charge when it’s all automated and we don’t have to do anything?


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