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how much do accountants charge?

How much do accountants charge or how much does an accountant cost?

How much do accountants charge or how much does an accountant cost are a very regularly asked question from business owners when they are starting out. Normally business owners ask other business owners who tell them what they are paying. The problem with this method of discovery is each business and its needs are different.

Accounting services are often seen as non-tangible services, its something you pay for but don’t always see a physical outcome. Because of this its important you know what you are investing in.

OnPoint Accounting has a clear pricing policy, our commitment is for you to have a full breakdown of everything included in your agreement with us. We list all the services, promises and map out the software’s we will be using with you.  

Methods of charging

There are three main methods accountants will charge you for the work they do.

Hourly rates – Some accounting firms charge you in the very old fashioned way of hourly rates. The issue with this is it discourages efficient work and modern software.

Multiple Choice – Some accounting firms will either build or try to shoehorn you into three packages which you can choose from. There is normally a basic, medium and premium package and often you will find you want parts of each package but not all of the top package giving you poor value.

OnPoint Accounting’s method – We sit down with you and discuss the following areas

  • What services you need to operate your business
  • What pains you have and what services and software’s can remove those pains
  • What we are aiming for in the future resulting in a road map of future services and software’s

At the end of the meeting you will have a fixed price covering everything that we have agreed that you need at the frequencies required. You won’t be paying for things you don’t need and will have a full understanding of what your investment will deliver.          


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