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How OnPoint Accounting on boards its new clients

So, you have liked what you have read and heard, you have spent some time with a member of our team and got your quote that you are happy with what happens next? The next steps are for you to be onboarded.

This blog will take you through what will be happening as part of the onboarding process, some tasks we will do and happen behind the scenes, some you will notice us doing and some tasks are your responsibility. As much as possible we will structure this blog in the order that we will work through your on boarding.


Proposal Email

Once you have had a discussion with a OnPoint Accounting team member we will send you an email outlining the services we have agreed you require and the price for those services.

Underneath the service and price breakdown will be a link accept the proposal, this is the first task we need you to carry out, please click on this link and it will take you to the next stage of the onboarding process.


Letter of Engagement and Terms of service

The ‘Accept’ link in the proposal email will take you to via a web browser window to our practice management system called Accountancy Manager. This system is provided by our parent company OnPoint Accounting Group so will have their branding on it in places.

The first thing that you will be shown is the ‘Terms of Service’ which again you can read through, e-sign and download a copy of.

The next document you will be shown is the ‘Letter of Engagement’ which you can read through, e-sign and download a copy of.

These documents are industry standard documents outlining our responsibilities to you, your responsibilities, the service we will provide and the rules we have to follow as set out by the UK Government and HMRC.


The Client Portal

After completing the e-signing process you will be asked to create a password which is the password you will use to access your GDPR secure ‘Client portal’.

The ‘Client Portal’ will be you central place for submitting documents to us, finding documents we send to you such as accounts and tax returns, e-signing documents that we send you, and updating your personal details such as when you move house.


Personal Details   

After registering your password and creating your portal, the next window you will be presented with will ask you to enter lots details such as names, addresses, key date, key tax details etc.

This information is really important so that we can contact HMRC and complete other tasks in the on boarding process, please complete as many of the boxes as you can.


Direct Debits

Our preferred payment method is Direct Debit, A link to create the direct debit mandate with our provider, GoCardless, is on your Client Portals home screen. Please click on the link and follow its instructions.


Anti Money Laundering Form (AML)

The Government requires all accounting and bookkeeping firms to be registered with an Anti Money Laundering Body and to carry out AML checks and risk assessments of the firm’s clients at the beginning of each engagement and then to reassess every client annually.

Our Governing body is HMRC.

You will receive an email inviting you to complete a form in your client portal. This form is about AML. The form acts as a self-declaration confirming if you have ever been involved in tax evasion, money laundering or fraud.

To help us complete our legal duties for AML we need to complete the short AML form as honestly and completely as possible.

Once you have completed this form please also upload a photograph of your ID and proof of address. We will then be able to carry out our checks and risk assessment.


HMRC Authorisations

Using the details you entered earlier in the onboarding process we will request agent authorisation from HMRC so we can access the appropriate tax records for the services you have asked us to deliver. You will receive a letter from HMRC in the post with a code on it which we will need you to pass on to us once you receive it, don’t worry we will email you closer to the time we expect you to receive the letter.


Contacting your previous accountant 

We are required to contact your last accountant and or bookkeeper if you have one, to inform them we will be taking over your services and request they send through appropriate records. You will have been asked for your previous accountant/bookkeeper’s details when filling out your details earlier in the on boarding process.

If after two weeks of requesting details form your previous provider we haven’t had a response we will CC you into the next reminder email in the hope they move a bit quicker.


Software set ups  

If we have agreed to provide you with software’s such as QuickBooks, ReceiptBank etc then we will send you user logins, it may be worth monitoring your junk email box in case the invites go there. Remember some of our software’s are branded under our parent company, OnPoint Accounting Group.


Your First Invoice

Your first invoice will be generated approximately 7-10 days after signing up, all our invoices have 30 days credit, and we prefer to collect all our invoice payments via Direct Debit Which you will have set up earlier in the process.


Our Next Steps Together 

Good news this is the onboarding process complete! Moving forwards members of the OnPoint Accounting team will reach out to you to schedule calls, meetings, training sessions etc as appropriate to start delivering our services to you.

If at any point you have any questions about the process, where we are up to, what we are waiting for etc then please reach out to us via phone or email.


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