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How do you keep employees positive?

In this time of Covid, big business names closing down in the media along with headlines about job losses it understandable that employees are so nervous and struggling to stay positive.

As leaders in our businesses it’s important for us to do our best to provide positivity and lead by example. This is a really challenging thing to do, especially when we ourselves maybe struggling to stay positive. It’s even more difficult when our teams are on flexible furlough, it leads to uncertainty, a lack of routine which leads to lack of motivation and positivity.

If team members are on flexible furlough, that means there must still be some work for them, so could say flexible furlough is a lot more positive than full furlough. It shows signs that the business is still going, there’s demand for its products and services which compared to some businesses

Trying to motivate my payroll team at the moment has been a real challenge for the last nine months, because furlough keeps changing, and the rules, and the amount of work required to do furlough returns is huge, so every time the government says we’re extending it by a few more months, I must really go in, and rally the troops, tell them it’s going to be okay.

Be there on the frontline with them, work alongside them, have a chat, ask about their families, ask about what they’re doing at the weekends. Just let them feel that you are there with them, and that you’re supporting them, and that will go a long way both today and in the future. So yeah, I think that’d be my best advice for that.


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