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Can Izettle link to Quickbooks?

Can Izettle link to Quickbooks? Yes, Izettle and Quickbooks can be linked allowing Izettle to transfer and populate sales receipts into QuickBooks. This saves you hours every month in entering sales data into the your accounting.

To link your Izettle to Quickbooks you need to

  • visit the ‘integrations’ menu located on the bottom left hand side of the home page.
  • select the quickbooks online option
  • this will then invite you to login to your quickbooks online account, once complete it will take you back the izettle/quickbooks set up page
  • on the setup page you need to select which account category in quickbooks you want each item saved to. If you dont have the appropriate category then you will need to go into quickbooks set it up, go back to izettle, disconnect and reconnect the quickbooks account so you can see the new options to choose from
  • then you need to select what date to start importing data from.

Izettle will import your data every night into quickbooks and you will then be able to match bank transactions etc in quickbooks making bookkeeping simpler and faster.

If you need help linking your Izettle to Quickbooks or have more questions about how either softwares can make your business more efficient get in touch via or 03301248002


4 Responses

  1. Hi I am just trialing IZettle Go in order to take card payments. I understand I can link iZettle to Quickbooks Online I have not tried it yet as I don’t want to mess up Quickbooks as I have 6 years accounts already.
    My question I have set up IZettle with all the same sales products as Quickbooks. If I link a itemised sales receipt with Quickbooks will it show as a full itemised receipt there. And will I be able to analyse my product sales As normal.

    1. Good morning,

      Most our clients rewveiw the sales data at an item by item level through Izettle and they just send a days sales total to quickbooks.

      If the link is set up correctly then this granular level of detail can be sent to quickbooks but you cant raise the sale in quickbooks and send it to Izettle.

      Remember the more complicated the connection the more there is to go wrong and break.

  2. Hi Im trying to link my izettle and Quickbooks but am finding it difficult. it does not give me options on certain account questions on the izettle linking page.
    Your iZettle fees data

    iZettle fees
    Select or create an account in QuickBooks Online when you collect iZettle fees.

    there ar no options to choose from in the option bar. do you know what I am doing wrong?


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