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When is the Right Time to Engage an Accountant for My Growing Business?

‘When is the right time to engage an accountant for my established business?’ This is a question we regularly field from business owners and seasoned entrepreneurs. 

Explore Johann’s expert insights and strategic advice on the ideal time to bring in an accountant to boost your business’s financial performance and growth.

Welcome to OnPoint Accounting

Your Partner in Tailored Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

magine a business that fuels your lifestyle, rather than consumes it. However, between fulfilling responsibilities and managing finances, you’re finding it hard to bring this vision to life.

You may feel cornered, weighing the high expense of a fully-fledged finance function against the precious time it takes to handle everything yourself.

The fear of missteps can be paralyzing. All you yearn for is the assurance that you’re steering your business in the right direction, with affordable support to back you up.

No Need To Panic, OnPoint Accounting is here to guide and empower you.

Beyond 9-5:

Tailored Support for Your Unique Business Needs

You embarked on your business journey to forge your own path, not to confine yourself within the limits of a 9-5 routine. We understand and embrace this – our support does not adhere to the standard office hours either.

We offer comprehensive assistance through phone, email, and social media from 7am-10pm, seven days a week.

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Empowering the Modern Entrepreneur

Our services are tailored to alleviate the anxiety and difficulty often associated with financial systems and processes. OnPoint Accounting delivers premier accounting and bookkeeping services in the UK, specialising in comprehensive support for established businesses and growing enterprises.

OnPoint Accounting offers tailored support and cost-effective accounting, bookkeeping, tax returns, VAT solutions.

OnPoint Accounting offers supportive, simple and stress-free payroll, CIS and time-tracking software to businesses of all sizes.

R&D Tax relief is a potential source of cash flow allowing you to invest more into your business.

Providing a more hands on but affordable level of support for your bookkeeping, accounts and software questions

Company directors in small businesses already have a long list of tasks and time-consuming commitments without having to worry..

Helping you take your business to the next level and supporting you with creating software solutions to increase efficiency.

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